You spend a lot of time and effort to earn good backlinks, and it's a big problem if a backlink disappears. It's important to monitor them so that you can do something and preserve your investment. Monitor Backlinks makes it easy. 

The way Monitor Backlinks works is that:

  1. You input your domain
  2. All of the backlinks get recorded
  3. We regularly monitor your backlinks
  4. You get email alerts when there are changes in the status of the backlink. 

Here is an example of the info in the email alert:

Checking your Backlinks yourself

You can also log in at any time and go to the Backlinks section to check for yourself. If a backlink that once existed (or which was imported manually by you) can't be found, you'd see a "BNF":

There are also useful filters so that you can filter for:
 - links from a specific page/domain
 - links with a certain status (eg. BNF, Backlink Not Found)

You can also see recent changes to your backlinks by going to:

Monitoring a removed backlink

If you are trying to monitor a backlink that has already been removed, then you would have to import the backlink manually:

Our system would keep monitoring for the link, and update if the link is found. 

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