If you think you might have connected the wrong Google Analytics property, take the following steps:

  1. Click on “Manage Domains” (http://cloud.enux.com/2D3b2L2E2h33) and hover over the domain (http://cloud.enux.com/2Z2V1O3i3h0N) to see GA Account, Property, and Profile, and compare with Google Analytics to confirm that it’s the wrong property
  2. Disconnect the property by clicking on gear icon and clicking “Disconnect Google Analytics” (http://cloud.enux.com/2M0D1g2p2L0v
  3. Go to Backlinks and click on “Connect Google Analytics”: http://cloud.enux.com/3c420h2q2Z0Y
  4. Pick the correct google analytics profile (be sure to double check with Google Analytics)
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