The process of indexing your pages by Google may be faster or take a little longer, depending on the “popularity” of your website. But here are tips that can help you make the process as quick as possible:

  1. Create your XML sitemap and submit to Google Search Console.
  2. Link to your new page from a prominent web page on your website. Also, have your website pages interlinked with each other. If your home page is indexed by Google, all other pages should be interconnected to be indexed too.
  3. Make sure your new page is shown in an RSS feed and that the RSS feed is accessible and not blocked from crawlers.
  4. Add your page to social media sites, like Twitter, Facebook (public share).
  5. Try to build good links from popular and authority websites, also link to your page from guest posts.
  6. Use pinging services to help you to get indexed quickly by search engines.
  7. Don't forget about content quality of your page!
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