How to quickly check backlinks of any website

You can use our free Backlink Checker to instantly get an easy-to-read overview of a website’s most popular backlinks.

To get started, just enter the URL of any website and hit “Check Now!”. You’ll be given a list of the website's top 300 backlinks and their most important metrics, so you can see exactly how its link profile is performing.

You can check 1 domain per week for free. 

How can I check more domains and see more links?

By upgrading to a paid plan, you can check more domains and see more links. Each plan comes with some credits each month. If you're already on a plan, you can easily check your free monthly credit allowance and consumed free credits

If you already have a plan and need more credits than what is available on your plan, then it is possible to purchase additional credits. 

To buy credits, click on your profile image or icon, then click on the “Credits” drop-down option:

You'll be able to see the pricing for credits you can buy.

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